The Best 4 Free Online Chat Therapy Options

online therapy chat

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the means of obtaining therapy for our mental well-being changed. Although online therapy has always been around, it quickly became the only option some therapists provided. Some still offer this as the only option to treat clients.

Online chat therapy is a great way to connect with a therapist and get support. Some of the best online chat services also provide phone and video sessions. There are many online chat services that offer free therapy, so it is easy to find one that is right for you. Let’s review a few!

What is online therapy?

Online therapy is a type of therapy that is conducted over the internet. It is a form of therapy that is becoming increasingly popular because it is convenient for both the therapist and the patient. It is also cost-effective compared to traditional therapy.

Is it confidential?

Even though online therapy is not considered the traditional way to receive treatment, licensed therapists have the responsibility to ensure all information discussed remains confidential. Unless you express harm to yourself, someone else, or reports of elderly or child abuse/neglect.

Can anyone get online therapy?

For the most part, anyone who wants to obtain therapy can engage in online therapy. However, if you are experiencing deeper underlying mental challenges, I do not recommend it. I also do not recommend online therapy for any addiction issues.

You will be doing yourself a disservice and will hinder your progress. For more severe issues, I recommend in-person therapy for a proper assessment. This way, the therapist or treatment team can provide proper recommendations. Online therapy can be used as a supplement to in-person therapy for these instances.

online therapy chat

Benefits of online therapy

Online therapy is a great option for people who are looking to have a more flexible schedule, work on their own time, and don’t want to commute. As a mom, I know time is precious. Therefore, this is perfect for millennial moms as it allows you to get the help that you need and still be able to complete your mom duties! Win! Win!

There are many benefits to online therapy. One of the main benefits is that you can do it from your home. This means that you don’t need to spend money on gas or parking and you can do it in your pajamas if you want!

Online therapy also allows people to interact with a therapist in a way that is comfortable for them. Some people find that they are more open and communicative when they communicate online. For example, if you struggle with mild to moderate anxiety, you will definitely feel more comfortable with online therapy. Especially, online chat therapy.

Pricing and Insurance

Online therapy can be more affordable than traditional therapy. Many online therapy services offer a low-cost option that is still high quality. Sometimes insurance may only cover therapists in your network, but you may find a therapist with a specific specialty you want to treat with and cannot afford it. Online therapy may provide the option to see the specialist you need. Also, there are many sites that offer free online therapy for depression, or for support.

Best free online therapy

There are various sites that offer free online chat therapy. Usually, chat therapy is found as a supplement to video or phone sessions. For example, after your weekly session, you are able to engage with your therapist by chat if you are experiencing anxiety at the moment or just to update your therapist on how your week is going.

As a therapist, I encourage you to take advantage of the chat option throughout the week. It’s like getting free online counseling 24/7! It also forces you to be accountable for your therapeutic goals. Let’s discuss some of the sites that offer online chat therapy.

1. Buddy Help

Chat free with an emotional support worker. The site boasts that emotional support workers help individuals become calm by being compassionate active listeners. Although the site does not indicate that emotional support workers are licensed therapists, your mind should be at ease by knowing that they have to complete a 6-hour online training that is lead by the Johns Hopkins University.

91% of their users indicated feeling better after chatting with an emotional worker.

2. 7 cups

Provides free anonymous emotional support 24/7 by trained volunteers. The site indicates that the volunteers are trained. This site also provides the option to sign up to speak with a licensed therapist for a fee.

7 cups is a great option if you need to vent with no judgment or advice. Keep in mind that the volunteers are not noted as licensed therapist. However, I would imagine there could be therapist who volunteer on the site for the chat option, but you wouldn’t know since chat is an anonymous service.

3. Crisis text line

Crisis Text Line is a free, 24/7 text-message service for people in crisis in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Ireland.

Crisis Text Line has received over 50 million messages from the public since it was founded in 2013. It is the only free service of its kind that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. The organization has grown to include over 40 active employees and more than 20 volunteer counselors.

The Crisis Text Line provides emotional support to those who are at risk of suicide or self-harm, including queer youth, people with mental health conditions, victims of abuse and bullying, and those who are lonely or struggling with addiction.

4. LifeLine Chat

The LifeLine chat is an online chat therapy service that offers free and confidential help to anyone who needs it. It is a platform where people can get instant counseling, guidance, or just someone to talk to.

The LifeLine chat is available 24/7 and has been used by over 1 million people in the last 5 years. This service is offered in English and Spanish. Feel free to read stories of recovery and hope on their website.

LifeLine has a pre-chat survey to be taken before an individual is linked with a counselor.

online therapy chat

Additional Options and Support

Emotional support is necessary because it helps people to feel less alone and more understood by another person with similar experiences. This can help people feel more confident in their own ability to cope with their struggles.

As discussed above, online chat therapy can be a viable option to improve your mental health; however, there are a plethora of resources for more severe issues. Click one of the links below for more information.

Other options include contacting your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or insurance to find a therapist in your network.


If you need help there are many resources at your disposal. Don’t let your busy mom schedule get the best of you. Take care of yourself and get help now with affordable and quality therapy online!


What should I not tell my therapist?

A: From a licensed therapists’ perspective, once you have built a rapport with your therapist and you feel that they will be a good match for you, you can tell them anything in confidence and confidentiality. Bearing in mind there are certain instances that will break confidentiality. However, ensure that you feel comfortable with discussing information as the therapist may ask followup questions you may not be ready for.